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ESP Game Day FAQs

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Preparing for Game Day?

What should I wear?

What should I bring or not bring?

Arriving to the game?

Checking in with ESP.

Lunches, breaks and more

Checking out with ESP.


When should I leave for the game?


It’s important to be on time for check-in. ESP’s check in process at Gate 25 will last for one hour. If you are running late you will need to text ESP asap.

  • Drop Off – If you arrive within the hour or prior to check-in, you can be dropped off at the designated garage and take the shuttle to the stadium.

    • If late, get dropped off at any of the entry points to the stadium and walk to Gate 25. The closest drop off point is at San Jacinto Blvd/Dean Keaton.

  • Bus – Closest bus stops – check with Capital Metro- click here to go to the website.


What should I wear?


Answer:  Uniform Requirements:

  • Black pants, shorts (dress or tactical preferred) skirt and shorts must be at least mid-thigh, (no tights, workout pants, leggings, extra baggy pants)

  • Shoes- Closed toed shoes only (no crocks, slides, house shoes, or flip flops)

  • Hats:  Hats/caps may be worn, but the hat must be blank or have a UT-supportive message.


What can I bring?

Answer: If you need to bring a bag, make sure it is clear and meet the stadium requirements. Click here to see  K Royal Stadium clear bag rules. Any item you bring must always remain with you. ESP recommends not bringing anything that you cannot carry with you. The placement of bags, jackets, etc., in walkways is prohibited.


  • All items must be in a clear plastic bag. Phones, food, snacks and prescribed medications (let your Area Supervisor know that you’ll need to take medications during the shift.

  • Bags that are clear plastic and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12"

    • One-gallon clear resealable plastic storage bags

    • Small clutch bags or purses do not have to be clear but cannot exceed 4.5" x 6.5".

    • One water bottle (Dasani preferred- if not, remove the label from the disposable bottle)


Do not bring?


Answer: Any items prohibited for patrons. Click here for the link to prohibited game day items.

Bags/Purses:  There is no place to store them. 


Where do I park?


Answer: You will arrive to park at either of State Garages Q, B or R State garage listed on the link. Once you arrive there will have a ESP Parking Pass Distributor there to assist you with a parking pass.




How do I get to the stadium from the garage?


Answer: Shuttle services to the stadium- An ESP Shuttle will be provided from the garages to the stadium. Shuttle services will stop fifteen minutes after check-in closes. For example: if check-in is at 2pm, check-in will close by 3pm and the last shuttle will make a final tour at 3:15p.

Click here to go to ESP check-in map.


Where do I go when I arrive at Gate 25?


Answer: Walk in to Gate 25, if stopped; inform the person that you are with ESP. Once inside look for ESP Signage


How do I check-in?


Answer: You’ll use your phone to scan into each area. If you have questions, please text Amanda at (512) 302-4377.




Where do I check in?


Answer: You will check-in at Gate 25 and once you arrive at your area, you’ll sign in with your Area Supervisor.




ALL Personnel MUST check-in/sign in and check-out/sign-out with an ESP Representative at their designated area and at Gate 25. If you do not sign in or out, you will not be paid.


How long is check-in?


Answer: ESP staff will be at Gate 25 for check-in for one hour. Please text the ESP Office (512)302-4377 if you have not received your check-in times ad assigned location.


Where do I go to check-in with ESP?


Answer: Check in at Gate 25 at Daryl K Royal Stadium located at 2139 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin TX 78712.

Where will I work?



  1. Pre-Game areas:

    • Festival and concert type areas (direction/information positions)

  2. Game areas:

    • Seating: Terrace (Ensures patrons can locate their seats within the right section),

    • Seating Walkway (check tickets to ensure in the right Section)

    • Concourse (direction assistance)



What is my role when I work the event?

Answer: Responsibilities: Assist with guiding and answering questions from guests in a calm and professional manner. Resolve seat issues, ensure guests are in the right seats and areas. Provide direction to restrooms, concessions, atm’s, etc. Resolve guests’ issues and concerns when needed.


Have fun engaging with patrons as they walk by you- it’s there gameday and your smile, comment and pleasant attitude will make there day. Some people may be upset and frustrated because of parking, not being able to find their seat or friends. Help turn there day around by being the difference.



What is ESP’s Performance Pay Policy?


Answer: See ESP Performance Policy here.


How to deal with difficult or upset patrons?


Answer: Notify your ESP Area Supervisor immediately.


When can I sit down?


Answer: Once you are signed in and taken to your assigned area you’ll be able to sit down:

  •  Prior to the start of the game after checking in

  •  During your break


Please note that the requirement to work the event is being able to stand for the long periods, duration of the event. ESP cannot guarantee a seat or seated area.




When and where do I take a break?


Answer: Breaks will be taken prior to the start of the game and rotated throughout the shift by the Area Supervisor.


Will lunch be provided?


Answer:  Yes, box lunches will be provided. In the case of food allergies or dietary restrictions, we recommend that you bring your own food. The ESP cannot guarantee the availability of vegan, dairy-free, and nut-free options. The distribution will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


Where can I take my break?

Answer: You will be instructed by your Area Supervisor as to where you can take your break. It is prohibited to sit in the seating areas, gather in groups, or sit on the steps or in the walkway.



What do I do at the end of the event?


Answer: You are not released from the area until your ESP Area Supervisor releases you.


Pre-events will conclude at kickoff. Please wait for your Area Supervisor, then return to Gate 25.


Stadium: Following the departure of all patrons from the seating area, the concourse, and the bathrooms in your area.



When can I sign out?


Answer: You will be released by your Area Supervisor. Follow the instructions that he or she provides.  You should be instructed by your Area Supervisor at the start of your shift. If you are unable to locate your Area Supervisor, return to Gate 25 where you checked in.


After signing out of my area, where do I go?


Answer: You should return to Gate 25 and look for the ESP sign or members of the ESP staff. Return all items given to you at check-in.


How do I get back to my car, bus stop or pick up area?


Answer: ESP Shuttle will start taking workers back to garages immediately after the game. The Shuttle will be located at the top of the hill at Robert Dedman and DeLoss Dodd’s Way.

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