Frequently Asked Questions


What is ESP, LLC?

ESP, LLC is a full-service Staffing, Security and Event Support Agency. Headquartered in Austin, Texas we service the greater Texas Region.

How do I order staff or get a quote for services?

To order staff click on the tab “Request Staff” at the top of the page or just click on this link You can also give us a call at 866.744.7809.

What type of staff do you provide?

ESP, LLC provides staff for a wide range of industries, from Administrative, hospitality, and event staff, to light industrial, facilities, and construction. We also have a full-service security division offering Level II and Level III Commissioned officers and/or patrols.

Who do I contact after hours?

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I request a W9 Form from your company?

Please send an email request to Make sure to include the following: Subject Line: W9 Request 1. Company Name 2. Point of Contact Name and Number 3. Dates of Service Your request will be processed in 24 hours.


How do I register to work with ESP?


How do I become an employee of ESP?

  1. Visit the “Jobs” tab on our webpage and apply to a position.
  2. Successfully complete our interview and background screening.
  3. Attend Orientation (In person or Online).
  4. Start picking up shifts

When do I get paid?

Request a payroll schedule from our Accounting Dept by sending an email to 1. Click on the current ESP 2021 Payroll Schedule. 2. Locate the current payroll week (start and end). 3. Under the week in question you will find the Pay Date.

How to sign up for shifts with ESP?

Just click on the “Jobs” tab at the top of our webpage and apply to the position that best fit your skillset. One of our recruiters will follow-up with you within 48 hours to schedule an interview.

How do I get a copy of my pay report?

Contact Accounting at 512.302.4377 ext. 104 or by sending an email to Accounting.

How do I get access to my tax documents?

Option 1 1. Tax documents will be available online on January 8, 2021. Access your tax forms at ADP Log In. See further instructions below if you have trobule logging in to ADP. Option 2 1. Tax documents will be available for pick up at the ESP Office on January 25, 2021. Option 3 2. Tax documemts will be mailed to your current address on file on January 31, 2021. Tax forms will be mailed to the address on file, unless you update your contact information by sending it to ESP Administration by January 20, 2021. - Having trouble logging in? Please Visit our Employee Support page. Still having issues with accessing your tax forms, please contact ESP Accounting Department at (512) 302-4377 ext. 104 or by sending an email to Accounting.

How do I update my contact information with ESP

Step 1: Please send an email: Administration - Full Name (First, Middle, Last) - Past Address - Updated Address (Street Number, Street Name, Apt No. City, State, Zip) Step 2. Log on to your ADP account: ADP Log In Questions? Please contact ESP Administration by text/phone at (512)302-4377

What are considered ESP Holidays?

Click on the current ESP 2021 Payroll Schedule to see the list of ESP Holidays.