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Should You Choose a Career in Events? YES, Here’s Why

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Is a career in events a good idea? Yes, because it is a rewarding job that pays well too. As the events industry continues to grow, more people are considering making a career in the field. After the 2020 pandemic, the industry has adapted to the new environment, and there are exciting career opportunities to be explored!

If you are considering an events jobs in Austin, TX, but are not one hundred percent sure, here are five excellent reasons that will help make up your mind in favor of it:

The Event Industry Continues to Grow.

The events industry is consistently growing and is estimated to be valued at $1,552.9 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 11.2% between 2021 and 2028. So, it is a good time to pursue a career in events.

People are willing to spend on experiences. And events like exhibitions and trade shows, music and art festivals, sports events, and fundraisers register good attendance.

You Develop a Diverse Skillset.

When you work in the events industry, you develop both soft and hard skills. You will be responsible for dealing with tricky situations that require creativity and resourcefulness. You will also have to ensure a great experience for the audience.

You should also have excellent organizational and transferable skills such as problem-solving. So, if at any time in the future you decide to enter another profession, you have gained a valuable transferable skillset.

There are Different Roles to Choose from.

A career in the events industry is not restricted to planning birthdays and wedding receptions. There are diverse roles and responsibilities that you can take up, from handling the security to working as an audio/visual technician or a financial controller.

If you take up an event job in Austin, TX, you can be the go-to person for logistics, setting up and taking down stages, catering, or security. You can work on a variety of events, ranging from business conferences and exhibitions to festivals and weddings!

Your Work is Rewarding.

When you work in the events industry, you see your hard work and efforts come to fruition. It is definitely rewarding to see an event meet its objectives and run successfully as planned.

Satisfied attendees and a happy client tell you that you did a great job. It motivates you to give your best to the next project.

It Will Never Get Boring.

If you do not want a job that may get monotonous and boring after a while, pursue a career in the events industry. It will be the ideal career for you.

Every project will be different. You will work with different clients and deal with a varied target audience.

Are you ready to kickstart a career in events? Join the Event Support Division at ESP, LLC.

Our event support team provides its services to both indoor and outdoor events, including weddings, corporate functions, expos, promotions, festivals, and sports events. So, you will get the opportunity to work on various kinds of projects.

Get in touch with us for event security, event stage set up and tear down jobs, and more.

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