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Imposter Syndrome Might be Threatening Your Temporary Event Staffing Job Search

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

  • “I can do everything by myself.” - the soloist syndrome

  • “I’m not eligible for this job as I don’t meet every criterion.” - The expert syndrome

  • “Even I can’t do it at one go, I’m not good enough.” - the “natural genius” syndrome

  • “Work hard always.” - the “superwoman/ man” syndrome

  • “Work must always be 100 percent perfect.” - the perfectionist

If you identify with any of the above-mentioned sentences, you aren’t alone. We all are imposters in one way or the other. However, this one dirty little secret might be stopping you from landing your ideal temporary event staffing job and carving the career of your dreams from there. Imposter syndrome is one term that’s been thrown around a lot on the internet. And it is a rather concerning problem for professionals who are actually suffering from it.

Even before the pandemic, event planning, housekeeping and janitorial, banquet services, clerical and administration, among other temporary event staffing services, is one such industry that has always been stressful. Professionals involved in the service industry are often asked to wear multiple hats while keeping up with the expectations of their customers. Perfectionism is something that is considered to come naturally for such employees. It is pretty likely for such professionals to fall into the trap of constant people-pleasing while feeling anxious and intimidated at all times.

A person suffering from imposter syndrome (IS) feels the constant strive to meet unrealistic standards of perfection while ending up in a loop of continuous self-devaluation and their skills. These individuals typically work hard but are often highly self-critical of themselves. With the rapid innovations, new technologies, event formats, and stressors surrounding the temporary staffing industry and the pandemic furthering the complications, the current market has only added to their internal struggles reflected in their professional life.

Feeling like a fraud is one thought that such professionals cannot seem to escape. Their lack of self-confidence and empowerment impacts their self-belief and doubts their skills and knowledge that bring down their performance. Another observation is that such individuals might hesitate to apply for better opportunities at temporary staffing firms in Austin and worldwide.


Regardless of the industry and job type, every professional undergoes this psychological pattern at least once in his/ her life. It can be a vulnerable and mentally crippling experience. The key is to have power over your inner critic. Our experts from one of the best Austin temporary staffing firms share some tips here to break this toxic pattern for professionals:

  1. Rather than resisting and escaping your shortcomings, accept them as a challenge and treat them as opportunities for growth.

  2. Learn to segregate facts from feelings. Each time an inadequacy crops up and tells you your shortcomings, work on them rather than becoming those shortcomings. Guide your professional journey factually and rationally.

  3. Be gentle with yourself and craft new self-talk.

  4. Instead of alienating yourself from everyone else, reach out to your mentor, a trustworthy superior, or a colleague. We often feel that we are alone in this journey. However, you will be surprised how many people go through the same thing once you start opening up.

It feels right to mention the Stoic saying by Seneca, which goes as follows-

“We often suffer more in imagination than in reality.”

If you are looking for reliable, professional temporary event staffing solutions in Austin and employee opportunities, browse our website or dial 1.866.744.7809 now.

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