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How to Shortlist an Event Venue

How to Shortlist an Event Venue

Venues come in all shapes and sizes, and while it may be easier to just handover the controls to a wedding planner – you could try braving deep waters to find a venue that meets your specific needs. Today, an increasing number of couples are opting for unusual venues. This might be a clever ploy to lower costs, don’t be fooled. Most unusual venues need more resources including large event hospitality staff, which not only adds risk, but means more costs and thus higher event budget.

For example, if using a warehouse for an event, the budget must extend to resources such as additional power, lighting, kitchens, temporary toilet facility, exterior lighting, hotel staffing and myriad other cost implications. Needless to say, finding the right venue can be a hassling experience. So, without further ado, here is our list of things to check before you go ahead and book a venue.

#1 History of a venue

Possibly the easiest and most reliable identifier of the professionalism and experience of a venue is their history of hosting events. This will determine their success of attracting event business, and perhaps their ability to retain repeat business. This is a pointer to reputation, but some venues are adept at winning business and that is where the adeptness ends.

There are venues that are extremely busy with events but this alone turns them into event factories where they churn out event after event, after event. In this instance, a venue could be focusing on their sales and revenue more than the quality of the event experience they provide to event clients and event guests. Very busy wedding venues can be guilty of this practice, where they measure the success of their performance as a sales figure only.

In cases where a venue is massively busy, there can be a tendency to evolve a culture of complacency – the “it’s another-wedding” syndrome. Here, a bride may feel that she fits in after the last bride has left and before the next bride arrives. The routine of repeat events in such venues can make the event experience lackluster. Unfortunately, this attitude will be endemic with all staff and management at the venue.

So, a busy venue is not always testimony of the quality of events that they provide.

#2 Testimonials

The past-client’s testimonial is a good way of testing a venue’s reputation. Unhappy clients do not write good reviews. A venue should be willing to share reviews with prospect clients. So, if the venue is reluctant to do so, it could suggest they do not have any.

#3 Client Portfolio

Looking at a venue’s client portfolio can determine the level of clients they attract. A lot of business into venues is through referrals, so it can be seen if clients are referring others to use a venue. The tell-tale signs of referrals is a range of clients in the same sector, or a range of events of the same type, because people doing business spread the word and it does not take long for word to get round not to use a venue.

#4 By Types of Venues

Sometimes, it is worthwhile looking for venues that have experience of hosting the type of event you're looking to place. If looking for an unusual venue for a fashion show, has that venue hosted other fashion shows? If so, it would suggest it is a good venue for fashion shows and the venue team would have experience of hosting fashion events.

#5 Meet the team

Whatever the reputation of the venue – even if it is known to have a good reputation, a venue must always be visited by the event organizer or client. One must not simply take another person’s word on the venue. It has to be seen and felt by the person making the decision and placing the booking. For one thing, it allows the venue a chance to make their impression. This is why it can be unfair to judge a venue on somebody else’s negative opinion. Maybe, that person had a bad experience which had nothing to do with the venue’s quality of professionalism.

Personalities enter into the mix as well. Sometimes, one person will not get on with the team at the venue – but this is not to say it is not a good venue. Conversely, it has been known to book a great venue, only to find that personalities clash and the relationship sours.

Final Thoughts

Once you have done your research and due diligence in choosing the venue, a vital element you should consider next is equipping yourself with the right staff to coordinate and execute the management plans. ESP, LLC. is an emergency staffing in Austin, Texas that is always ready to deliver the staffing requirements needed for successfully hosting your event. To check out their range of services, visit their website.

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