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Want to Have a Career in Events? Here’s What You Can Choose From

We understand that choosing a career path is not like choosing a pizza topping. You cannot pick the first option that appesses you. A lot of planning and deliberation goes into choosing your direction. If you are aspiring to have a career in events but are apprehensive about the situation of the industry post Covid, the industry smoothly adapted itself to the “new normal.” There are a plethora of career options available in this field.

If you envision yourself working in event management in Austin, but are not sure which path to take, there might be something for you. Here’s a list of all the events related career options you can take up, depending on your skill set.

Event Planners

Perhaps the backbone of any event, from academic conferences to high end parties, event planners do it all. All that goes behind the scenes of a successful event, be it food, logistics, guestlist, or decor, everything is handled by an event planner. The planner coordinates with the internal staff and vendors to execute the needs of the event. An event planner also serves as the liaison to the guests and presenters, in case of any unforeseen changes or obstacles.

Wedding Planner

The scope of wedding planner, as a career choice, is huge. Weddings are a flourishing industry and in order to make their bid day even more special, people want planners who can assist them at every step of the way. From choosing wedding dresses, to cake and the decor, a wedding planner looks after all the details that go into planning a dream wedding.

The role of a wedding planner is not limited to the wedding day. During the planning phase, a planner helps the couple make choices that suit their taste and their budget bracket. On the wedding day, the wedding takes all the responsibility off the couple’s shoulders so that they can enjoy their special day.

Food And Hospitality

No event is ever complete without good food and refreshments. There are plenty of job opportunities in the catering industry. If you have a knack of detail and a knowledge of the food industry, you can offer your services as food and beverage in an event. Entering into this field requires utmost attention to food hygiene, following health and safety regulations. Agility and the ability to be able to work in a team are another important aspects of acing a catering job.

If you are great with people and can make them feel welcomed, a career in hospitality is ideal for you.For those aspiring to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, there are plenty of serving jobs in Austin, TX.

Social Media Manager

Social media has made its way into every industry. To pull off a successful event, it is important that social media managers execute proper promotions and attract more audience towards the event. The role of social media manager is to create relevant content, hashtags and design digital campaigns.

Are you already pumped up to start a career in events? Check out ESP to uncover amazing opportunities in the field of event management.

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