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Staffing Remote Workers During COVID: A Guide

With the Covid-19 pandemic casting its shadows upon us, its reverberations can be felt in almost every sphere of our lives, be it personal or professional. When it comes to gauging the effects of the Covid in the professional realm, there’s not much scope for repudiation of the fact that the pandemic heaped new demands on talent acquisition and staffing trends.

According to a study by the COVID-19 Employee Impact Survey, which gathered the sentiments of more than 8,000 hospitality workers, 75% of workers were found to be permanently displaced. In response to the uncertainties projected by the pandemic, the challenges around staffing have only been compounded further. However, navigating these challenges is not complicated as it seems. Here is a guide to staffing efficiently during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Show Purpose-Driven Efforts

Clearly articulating what your brand stands for is one of the most critical strategies when it comes to thriving in today’s hiring environment. Doing so was critical before COVID-19, and it still is now. When it comes to filling your staffing gaps, make sure you are strategic about your approach and invest in social purpose while advocating philanthropic efforts through the notions of inclusion and equity.

You can also invest in other techniques that empower your employees by investing in skill training programs.

Use a Tech-Forward Approach

There’s no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for the adoption of technology in digitalizing almost every aspect of our lives. When it comes to staffing remote workers during the pandemic, it is imperative that your approach lies in tandem with the changing trends of the society. Remote workers can greatly benefit from having a “richer” technology, such as video conferencing, that enables them to connect with your organization at a more personal level and help them in tackling social isolation.

Addressing Anxieties

Employing clear strategies to address the anxieties of your employees is very important, especially during such uncertain times. In an attempt to bring back your employees and retain those you have, delivering content tailored to their specific needs is vital. As an organization, you can also offer them resources that help them in ensuring personal and professional well-being.

Lack of motivation and a toxic domestic environment are the most common challenges that emerge in a work-from-home setup. In such cases, it is important that you acknowledge their stress, be open to listening to their anxieties and concerns, and empathize with their struggles. If a new remote employee is clearly struggling but not communicating stress or anxiety, ask them how they’re doing.

Seek Professional Help

The pandemic has affected job roles in many different ways. While for some companies, demand dropped significantly at the start of the pandemic but has returned to normal levels, for others, demand and supply chain fluctuations have proven difficult. Owing to the changing needs, these companies had to lay off employees and rehire them to keep up with the uncertainties of contemporary times. This is where a staffing agency comes in. As an employer, you can depend on staffing agencies like ours to quickly meet your staffing needs and deliver quality service during this ever-changing time.

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