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Overcoming Supply Chain & Labor Shortage Issues with ESP Security Staffing Agency

As we hurl towards the second quarter of 2022, businesses and companies around the world are pivoting with newer ways of mitigating risk in the post-pandemic world with technologies to ease the transition while operating in the unprecedented environment.

Supply chain management (SPM) is one of the business activities tested during the lockdown. From sourcing, production, and warehousing to management, inventory management, and customer service, there were massive disruptions whose impact many businesses still carry.

But, how can a security staffing agency help with it?

Before the blog makes sense, here are a few blind spots that every business needs to consider as the year keeps moving forward:

  • As per a report, 5 out of 11 global regions under study see water stress values over 25%, thus, creating a position of threats around water instability

  • Water supply scarcity will lead to more stringent government regulations that will impact industrial manufacturing

  • Workers are still leaving supply chain jobs in what has been regarded as the great resignation

  • A growing labor unrest and negotiations

  • Increase in safety stocks due to “black swan” effect which refers to the improbable, rare or unlikely situations that can cause catastrophic business impact

Supply chain is a complex system where it can be challenging to keep track of every wagon that makes a part of the entire moving train. The cost of mismanagement or doing nothing can be enormous for a business, including product shortage, price increases, delivery delay, etc.

There are a few major aspects that primarily influence the quality of your SPM, which are as follows:

  1. LABOR SHORTAGES: Lack of workers leads to a drop in product quality and threatens warehouse security

  2. ABSENCE OF CYBERDEFENSE: Leading to data breaches, counterfeit of information, lost shipments and orders, failure in customer support

  3. THIRD-PARTY DISRUPTIONS: Unreliable vendors who compromise on quality for low prices ultimately ruin your brand reputation

As businesses maneuver through the dynamic market changes, having a solid grip over supply chain management can help them control many cost factors whose positive effects can be felt down the line. This is where leveraging a reliable security partner comes into play. With a sense of turmoil in the labor sector and product quality standards, among other challenges, implementing a robust security program in your warehouse can help you combat the situation while handling half of your worries. A reputed company like the ESP security services can help with reducing the risk levels while ensuring proper supply chain flow. Choosing a trustworthy security partner will also mean that you can track your inventory better, prevent internal and external theft and loss, establish a structured security system, and have security professionals on your property.

While it might seem like a turbulent time, the best way and the only way to fortify your business is to be responsive and make the best of the present. If you would like to learn how ESP security can help you strengthen your business, browse our website or connect with us for a consultation.

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