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5 Reasons to Hire Professional Bartenders for Your Next Event

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Bartenders for Your Next  Event

Weddings and drinks pretty much go hand-in-hand. Some people attend weddings solely for the open bar. This is why hiring a professional bartender for such events almost seems like a no-brainer. In fact, a professional bartender is essential for all major events. Although, in a bid to save some money, it may be tempting to handle it yourself. But you shouldn’t. When you take on the role of bartender at the event, you will be too busy to enjoy the event. More importantly, if any problems arise (related to the drinks or alcohol), you may be liable.

Read on for some of the most important reasons why you should hire a professional bartender for your next party in Austin.

  • Enjoy professional service This is probably the most crucial advantage of a professional bartender: quick and smooth service. When you have a pro at the bar, you don’t need to worry about people crowding to get their drinks. Your bartender will ensure that service is seamless and peaceful and everyone can enjoy their cocktails in a calm environment. What’s more, they know how to handle any drink order thrown their way.

  • Buy the right amount of alcohol Based on your bar type (open bar, cash bar, cocktail bar, and so on) and guest count, a professional bartender knows exactly how much alcohol you need to purchase for your event. This takes the guesswork out, which means you don’t have to fear overspending or running out of anything before the event gets over.

  • Add a personal touch With a professional bartender at your service, it can be quite easy to add a personal touch to the bar, especially at weddings. Whether you want to add a signature drink or work with your bartender to create a drink that represents you and your significant other, they can make it happen.

  • No liability for you When your bartender is insured and licensed, you have zero liability. This means if something goes wrong, you can rest assured knowing they will assume full liability. For instance, if a guest had one too many drinks, a professional will know when to cut them off, all without making a scene.

  • They will help with setup and cleanup Setting up a bar and then cleaning it up post-party can be an overwhelming task. But when you pay for a professional bartender, you don’t have to worry about these things. They will set up the bar, keep it clear of empty bottles and glasses, and then tear it down when all is over. You can invest your time in more important tasks.

With such amazing benefits, why wouldn’t you want to hire a professional bartender? Now that you know what a pro can do for you, consider this convenient and worry-free option so that you can take some of the weight of planning an event off your shoulders.

Whether you are looking for wedding bartending services or need a private bartender for a large event, get in touch with us at ESP. We offer a wide range of professional staffing services for events of all sizes. If you are in charge of planning an event – whether a wedding or corporate party – we can support you with qualified and experienced team members for designated positions.

We service and staff both indoor and outdoor events, including weddings, races, parades, expos, promotions, corporate functions, and more. Browse through our website or reach out to us for more information.

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