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5 Reasons to Choose Part Time Staffing Services

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

5 Reasons to Choose Part Time Staffing Services

Hiring staff for an upcoming event can be full of hassle. Publishing advertisements, taking interviews, conducting workshops and training sessions, fulfilling contract requirements in case of an inefficient employee, waiting for him/her to complete the assigned notice period – seems like an uphill task! If you are faced with the same situation, try staff out on a temp-to-hire basis, with agencies offering custom staffing services. Read on to know why part time staff is a better option:


Hiring pre-trained staff for a limited period of time like for an event or a project can reduce hiring and labor costs by a good margin.

Can Fulfill a Sudden Requirement

Temporary staff can fill in for a sudden vacancy created by an outgoing or absent employee, in case of an emergency, illness, disability or maternity. Seasonal increases in demand or sudden changes in the market may require firms to hire additional staff. Custom staffing agencies can come in handy in such a scenario, providing you a quick replacement or extra staff to manage the increased workload.

Saves Time

Hiring temporary staff can save time. It also avoids the stress of going through the complete hiring process.

Well-Trained Staff

The part-time staff are generally well-trained for the role, thereby reducing your training time and cost drastically.

Temp Staff Can be Hired Later

Temporary contracts to hire positions can also be a great way for you to test potential employees, getting to understand their skills and suitability for the position. This allows you to hire them later should you find them a good match for the profile they are serving.

Looking for a skilled trade temp agency? Request now to avail our custom staffing services. ESP, LLC. is an Austin-based agency with three branded and licensed divisions: Security, Staffing, and Event Support Professionals. We are a one-stop-shop human resource concierge and supporting service agency. ESP and its partners have been in business for over 10 years, supporting our allies throughout Texas to fulfill their part time event staff and security needs.

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