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5 Overlooked Aspects That Can Kill The Event for Your Guests

So you are talked to by a temp event staffing agency for preparing your upcoming event for success. You have decided on the theme, have the guest list ready, have one of the best Austin temporary staffing firms to fulfill your temporary event staffing needs, and finally, have decided on an impressive look for yourself. However, we often forget about the crucial yet most overlooked aspects to set the right tone for a successful event. We tend to get carried away by the more obvious and grander things while giving zero forethought to the tinier details. This blog talks about the top five overlooked event things that can dramatically create a positive, visceral experience for your event attendees.


Have you decided on the most exotic line-up of dishes and some exquisite food items? That’s great! Food is one art that connects people in the most interesting ways. It fuels conversations as your attendees reward their palate with some of the most delectable dishes you plan to serve them. However, the way you showcase your food matters too. An attractive display helps in creating excitement and piquing your guests’ interest. You can have an interesting background, compartmentalize sections such as a separate dessert bar, a DIY cocktail corner, or a salad bar.


Choose curtains and drapes with attractive piping and handcraft for ceilings, pillars, and other decor work. A depth of color in tone with the event’s theme can make your space feel bigger, cozy, and more intimate. For tables, decide on a color and fabric that doesn’t show/ retain stain easily. However, stick to drapes on buffet tables and serving stations if you are on a low budget.


A well-planned seating arrangement can improve flow and functionality across the space while adding to the appeal. You can even set the seating in a unique way to enhance the decor aspect of your event space. Forget the traditional banquet or theater-style table arrangement and go for a community seating arrangement for a more intimate and connective affair.


Events in the modern call for a touch of technology. By incorporating a well-strategized digital media strategy, you can promote online visibility of your event while boosting engagement manifolds just with a tap. You can encourage your guests to post the event pictures with your brand hashtag and project those pictures on your social feed wall.


2020 certainly changed many things for us. In the excitement of your event, do not forget to prepare your event with proper COVID measures. Install hand sanitizer stands wherever and whenever required (especially at the eating area). Maintain a strict guest list and set up tables strategically to ensure your guests’ comfort and health safety. Also, ensure that your hired temporary event staff sanitize themselves from time to time (especially the ones on the food committee) and encourage them to wear masks.

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