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4 Reasons to Hire Armed Security Guards for Retail Stores

Shopping malls and retail stores are the most bustling places. Often overcrowded, constant monitoring is required to keep your merchandise and staff safe from crime. Naturally, your vulnerability requires maximum protection. Hiring armed security guards for shopping malls, including retail security services, will give you the peace of mind that is prompt and assured.

Trained security services offer protection that requires a critical skill set to be alert and manage threatening scenarios. Detection and prevention of hazards such as shoplifting and even terrorist attacks are reason enough to implement a security system tailored to meet your requirements.


Here are top reasons why you should hire security services to shopping centers:

Discourage Criminals

A very obvious reason to have security officers in place, especially an armed one. Having a security system in place can be used as a warning to any impending threats your facility may encounter. One look at their presence with guns will encourage a shoplifter to immediately abort their plans. Clearly, having a reliable security system in place keeps you from incurring valuable losses.

Depending on your needs, the security details can also include cameras and alarms. For instance, high end labels, like jewelry brands, have a comprehensive security system in place to cover all corners and bases. These often visible warning signs are enough to prevent your store from being a target to malicious intentions.

Swift Response

In the event of an emergency, the presence of a professionally trained security guard comes handy. Law enforcement officers might not be quick to respond, but an available and armed person in uniform gives assurances of a fast reaction, till the cops take over.

Alert Security

Security guards are highly trained to thoroughly scan the entire area for any danger. They’re capable of identifying potential threats before they occur and get out of hand. This service is most useful for scanning through the massive footfall during holiday season. They can de-escalate any situation, including petty altercations, to keep the overall ambience calm and friendly.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Worrying about theft or a possible attack can cause stress and anxiety. Placing armed security guards at entrances of shopping malls is indicative of a safe environment. This assures arriving customers to feel instantly secure and enjoy a peaceful shopping experience. What’s more, the guards are approachable and well informed to guide you through any queries with ease. If it’s late at night, they’re even available to safely walk you to your vehicle.

With such a sizable amount of people to deal with, the safety of all customers and employees is paramount. No one should ever feel unsafe or at risk when stepping out of the comforts of their home. Armed security officers can be a great way to protect your malls and stores and provide peace of mind. At ESP, LLC. our highly trained retail security services are just a phone call away. Our mission is to provide you with superior and qualified security service. Reach out to us to customize your security needs today!

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