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4 Event Careers for Aspiring Event Professionals

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Becoming a successful and highly-paid event support professional requires a wealth of experience and skills, from a knack for detailed planning and problem solving to multi-tasting during event execution and many others. Not everyone is able to work under pressure to ensure everything goes smoothly. But if you think you have got what it takes to start your event career, here are a few event planning careers you can consider to work now in Austin, Texas, in 2021:

Event planner

The role of an event planner is perfect for someone who can multitask and pull off a successful event despite all the odds. From conferences to concerts, they handle it all. They are primarily responsible for choosing and arranging the logistics of everything essential to an event — food, seating, technology, decorations, personnel, and several other things. But more importantly, they are responsible for overseeing the proper execution of the event and recognizing potential problems before they ruin the event. If you think you can handle the pressure and work as an event planner, there are many event fun jobs in Austin, Texas, waiting for you.

Event security guard

Event security guards are key to any event, be it a concert, high-end galas, wedding, conference, and many others. Without having them on board, no event company can think of pulling off an event successfully. They are responsible for ensuring that there are no potential threats in and around the event and every guest is safe and sound. They have to perform security checks, maintain order, escort guests out of the event in case of an emergency or security threat and monitor the event. Many event fun jobs in Austin, Texas, include these jobs as well.

Event space or venue manager

An event space manager knows how to execute a beautiful event in a conference hall, ballroom, arena, or other spaces. From deciding the perfect venue to laying out the logistics, they are one of the pillars of a successful event. They also work with event planners to help them decide the right logistics suiting the ambiance of the venue.

Catering service manager

A catering service manager is responsible for the most important aspects of an event — keeping the guest happy. They decide the food menu for the guests and take care of how the food is presented before them. If you love food, this might be the right career path for you. However, to become a catering service manager, you may need a background in food preparation. Plus, you should be able to work under pressure with a problem-solving attitude.

Looking for fun event jobs in Austin, Texas? Feel free to contact us today and become a part of our growing team that pulls off great events now and again.

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