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3 Ways Fire Watch Security Guards Increase Business Place Safety

Safety and security are vital to the survival and success of a business. There are multiple dangers owners and managers should constantly keep a look out that pose a threat to the safety of a business. One of the most common and destructive of these dangers is a fire outbreak. According to a report by the National Fire Protection Association, there were 490,500 structure fires in the United States in 2020, out of which roughly 26% were fire incidents in commercial establishments.


An effective solution business owners use to keep this danger in check is to enlist fire watch security guards services. These professionals are trained to ensure security and safety as regular security guards, as well as protect people and establishments from fire incidents. They are equipped with the skill sets necessary not only for preventing fire, but also operate in emergency situations to guide people to safety. If you’re thinking of taking preventive measures to protect your business establishment from fire incidents, here are 3 ways hiring fire watch security officers can keep your property and people safe.

Identifying and Mitigating Risks

The best way to prevent a fire outbreak is to eliminate any risk. Fire watch security guards can patrol, scan, and identify any hazardous activity, fixture, equipment, or situation in your business establishment that creates a risk of fire. By identifying the risks and taking appropriate measures to mitigate them, fire watch security guards can prevent a calamity from happening and keep your business including property, employees, and customers safe and sound.

Checking Fire-Safety and Prevention Equipment

One of the major responsibilities of fire watch security guards is checking the condition of fire-safety and prevention equipment, and making sure they work when needed. These professionals will create a well planned schedule to check and maintain all the fire-safety equipment in your business establishment are working properly. This ensures that if a fire does break out, they or your employees will have the right equipment to extinguish the fire before it spreads and goes out of control.

Operate in Emergency Situation

While the primary role of fire watch security guards is to prevent fire outbreaks, it is impossible to completely rule out its chance of happening. In the odd event that a fire does break out, the best way to deal with it is to minimize its impact by mobilizing employees and customers to safety as quickly as possible. Fire watch security guards are trained to operate in these kinds of emergency situations, and make conscientious decisions under pressure to mobilize people to safety and put the life of others first. Their service can save valuable lives in emergency situations.


Fire watch security guards can bring a substantial amount of contribution to ensure safety in your business establishment. Not only can they protect your business from security threats like theft, break-ins, vandalism, and physical confrontations from customers, they can eliminate the risk of fire incidents which is one of the most hazardous and destructive threats to safety.

If you’re interested in enlisting the service of a fire watch security guard for your business, ESP, LLC. is a staffing agency that provides highly trained personnel’s for fire watch security service. Visit their website to check out their services and schedule an appointment with them.

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