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ESP is an Austin-based agency that offers opportunities throughout the state of Texas. We strive to make your applicant experience seamless and easy to ensure your success with us and the employers we position you with. At ESP, we strive to understand who you are as people, your skills, interests, and goals to find a good fit for you.



ESP, LLC is a Texas Based Agency, with it's headquarters located in Austin, Texas. It's three branded and licensed divisions: Security, Staffing, and Event Support Professionals. We are dedicated to serving every need no matter the size, for both short and long term projects. We are people-centered and client-focused, ready to support your every need.  


Security Division

Our Licensed Security Division (Lic#: B19886) offers our clients skilled, trained, and professional Security Guards that will ensure the protection of your property, personnel, and people.

We now offer skilled guards to provide Infrared Scanning for your business to continue the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Event Support Division

We are the experts in Event Management, Event Staffing, and Event Security Protection. We have 10+ years of experience in Event Support and are #1 in ensuring that your event is efficiently and professionally taken care of. 

We are the go-to agency for Texas-based events no matter the size or the type of event.

Staffing Division